Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cilo cycling jerseys

If you purchased Cilo bicycle you might also like to complete Cilo cycling outfit.
You may find such jerseys on ebay sometimes.

Vintage CILO AUFINA Replica Cycling Jersey
Material: Italian Polyester Fabric; 18cm zipper

Vintage Swiss Made Cilo Blacky Retro Cycling Jersey

CILO rare cycling longsleeve jersey
Made by Blacky
I saw it on ebay with the price of about $20.

Campagnolo Gear Record Specification

1 1284016 Complete parallelogram
2 7200017 Acljusting dowel
3 7304009 Convex elastic washer
4 7350142 Fixing pivot
5 7270003 Fixing cable washer
6 7350002 Fixing cable screw
7 7260094 Adjusting screw washer
8 7350203 Front changer adjusting screw
9 7350143 Pivot bolt screw
10 7116059 Pivot bolt body bush
11 7260076 Cage plate rotating spring
12 7350144 Roller fixing screw
13 7287011 Cage plates stop grub
14 1119016 Complete outer cage plate
15 7146018 Roller dust cover with indentation
16 7133042 Roller female cone
18 1321010 Balls set 0 1/8" (6+6)
19 7133041 Roller małe cone
20 7146016 Roller dust cover
21 1302006 Complete roller
22 7119032 Inner cage plate

From 1988 Campagnolo Dealer Parts Catalogue.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cilo bicycles gallery

I guess you wonder what's this site (blog) for? For comparative studies.

This one's for the mid 50s probably.

This one's from the 90s.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cilo bicycle of 1983

Vintage road bike from ebay auction:

This bike was handbuilt in Switzerland by Cilo Swiss. It was probably one of there more mid range bikes as it doesn't feature the Columbus tubing that was used on their nicer models. It is equipped with a full Shimano 600 component group, so it's definitely not an entry level model.  Feature "HT Tubes".  The bike has a beautiful blue finish accentuated with nice lug work, and a high polish chromed fork.  The Shimano components all have a matching date code of 1983, making it the bike either a 1983 or 1984 Cilo.
58cm Top Tube (center to center) 
59cm Seat Tube (center to center)
Suede Leather Italian Saddle
SR Laprade Seatpost
Shimano 600EX Sealed Mechanism Headset
Unknown Stem (100mm)
Kusuki Japan Handlebars (cm center to center)
Shimano 600EX Brake Calipers
Shimano 600EX Friction Shifters
Shimano 600EX Front Derailleur
Shimano 600EX Rear Derailleur
Shimano 600 Uniglide 6 speed Cassette.
Shimano 600EX Crankset
Shimano 600EX Brake Levers 
Shimano 600EX hubs laced to Mavic Module "E" rims (700c Clincher)

Cilo Swiss Bikes

Cilo was the bikes' producer of  Switzerland which bankrupted in 2002. The bicycles were created on the coast line of River Geneva within Romanel-sur-Lausanne inside Vaud canton.

"Cilo" is a nickname that regards to Charles January Lausanne-Oron. The actual abbreviation in the firm' name  "Jan" had been changed with "i" which regards to the way of French pronunciation. "Lausanne-Oron" refers to the company keeping lying within Lausanne, connected to industrialisation of the town an the beginning of 20th century.

Hans Knecht has been globe champ in 1946 riding the Cilo bike; many other significant cyclists consist of Whip Breu, Daniel Gisiger together with Tony Rominger.

Cilo co-sponsored a biking group along with Ciclolinea and Atari in 1992.

The actual Cilo in the mid-1970's had been the attractively designed bike created from Reynolds 531 along with the normal Switzerland focus on details. It had chromed forks, drop-outs and rear stays. Also all lugs were chromed and polished. Only the finest components were used. These included full 'top of the line' Campagnolo: although Campy brakes were an option. Brooks saddle, Cinelli road bars and stem, Christophe clips and straps were provided. Silks mounted on Cerchio Fiame rims were standard.

Cilo green bicycle of 1953

Cilo Hugo Koblet, 1953, Switzerland
Professional road bike from Cilo with Reynolds 531 framework finished in Cilo team green. Equipped with early Campagnolo Gran Sport, Stronglight, Simplex, Brooks B17 and Duralca brake set. Everes C. Caimi 5-speed freewheel.
The Hugo Koblet model based on the Champion du Monde type but with bar end shifting like Hugo preferred to use.
Seat tube c-c 56cm, top tube c-c 57cm
Weight: 11.0kg
Full set of this bike pictures here:

Cilo Swiss bike of 1974


Brakes levers: weinmann
Seatpost: Campagnolo Record
Saddle: Cinelli Unicanitor
Hubs: Campagnolo Record High Flage
Rear and Front Deraillerur : Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Pedals: Campagnolo Record Strada Titanium
Derailleur Levers: Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Straps: Christophe
Crankset: Campagnolo Record
Stem:3ttt Handlebar: 3ttt
Brakes:weinmann panto
Rims: Ambrosio Campione del Mondo
Pump: Pearl White Silca Original Cilo
Clips: Ale
I present just one photo of this bike. You may view all set here: